Here at Motorlux Mazda, we are proud to have Mission Motorsport as our chosen charity, here's a little about them:

The aim of Mission Motorsport is to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of those affected by military operations, by providing opportunities through motorsport. Through participation in competition, their strong team ethos helps to inspire and rebuild confidence; while the development of skills including mechanical competencies, logistics, and management all build capacity for a brighter future.

And here's a video about them, Mazda, and featuring our very own dealership.

Mission Motorsport is run by veterans, serving officers and motorsport professionals. They are appointed as the Combined Services’ official providers of adaptive motorsport, seeking wherever possible to merge the activities of the disabled and those in need with able bodied servicemen and women.

Appointed by the British Army Motorsport Association, and operating in direct support of the Defence Recovery Capability, Mission Motorsport provides respite, rehabilitation, vocational support and training to those affected by military operations within the framework of Motorsport.

To find out more about them go here.